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About Me

Since a young age I have wanted to break the shames, taboos and misinformation when it comes to sex, kinks and bdsm. Many people have fantasies and desires they never discuss or explore because of this public and societal shame – I’m glad to say I can finally be that safe space that you can…

I have been in and involved in the bdsm & kink scene since I was 19, the first chance I had I was in my local swinger’s club checking out their dungeon and endless supply of equipment. Kink and the scene became my second home, dominance and seduction came very naturally… I knew it was time to make fantasies a reality.

3 years later I am a full-time professional dominatrix with gorgeous loyal clients and fully stocked at home playroom, based in Chester, with multiple pieces of furniture. I am very passionate about what I do and pride myself on making sure your session is everything you could ever want.

Even though I love to make fantasies a reality I am still a dominatrix, person and have limits. I always expect respect, and it will always be returned. I am not a fetish dispenser, so never treat me like one – treat me well and ill treat you a thousand times over.

My favourite style of domination is my own, soft but sadistic...

Pic 3_edited_edited.jpg

Personal fully equipped play room

Based in Chester 

photography by :  J
instagram @PRURIENT_ART

Over the last 3 years ive been slowly but very surely been adding to my collection of equipment, toys and furniture.  I now have a fully equipped playroom in my home in Chester with a vast range of pieces to choose from, may this be beginner, intermediate or experienced…

Here are a few examples and personal favourites:

  • Paddles, Whips, Dragon Tails, Floggers, Crops, Canes – of all textures.
  • Gags, Blindfolds, Restraints, Rope, Collars, Leads

  • Masks; Leather, Nylon, Latex

  • Full body restraints, body bag, leg and arm binders, exposed chest straight jacket

  • Strap on harnesses with a large range of dildo sizes – girth and length & PLENTY OF LUBE

  • Chastity cages, dildo gags, penis pump

  • fist it - inflatable play sheet

  • Fuck machine

  • Spanking bench

  • Leather massage bench (not for massages of course)

  • Toilet seat chair

  • 6ftx7ft suspension frame

  • A trunk of latex outfits for moi

If that has caught your attention, then I’m sure there will be something you absolutely love here because the list goes on...

Please refer to the photos for a closer look at the equipment and furniture available to use.

Note ALL equipment is washed after EVERY use to avoid any cross contamination, if you have specific requests about equipment please don’t hesitate to ask when contacting! I will always check allergies, preferences and ability before any session.

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